OrgChart Agile

Professional Organizational
Charts for your Company

OrgChart Agile is the flexible web-based Org Charting Solution that can quickly build org charts and analyze the organization based on chosen metrics, including comprehensive workforce planning and analysis from all perspectives, in order to make more informed decisions and better respond to organizational changes.

OrgChart Agile Online Org Charting org chart software org charts organization charts organizational charts

Explore your Company’s Organization

OrgChart Agile analyzes staff data using easy-to-read, information-rich, organization charts. It defines charts for publication, views for the Management Board, new development plans, succession plans and increases organizational knowledge by finding optimal structures to meet specific business needs.

Make sharing up-to date charts with your colleagues almost effortless. With this Online Org Charting Solution you can easily make changes to the organization charts.

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OrgChart Agile Online Org Charting org chart software org charts organization charts organizational charts

Automate your Company's Organizational Charts

OrgChart Agile allows you to automate chart customization and maintenance whether it's for 50 or more than 10,000 employees.

Analyze KPIs and wages of organizational hierarchies to make better business decisions and model "what if" scenarios for potential organizational changes in the workforce.

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OrgChart Agile Online Org Charting org chart software org charts organization charts organizational charts

Show on OrgChart Agile any Data Source

OrgChart Agile visualizes data from different sources, including management systems, tables, spreadsheets or excel files. It allows the representation of data on any organization hierarchy, functional relationships, cost centres, successions plans, budget models and more.

Insert, move or delete employees from charts quickly and easily. Import data and upload employees' photos. Establish org chart access and viewing policies. Publish charts in PDF and HTML formats or on the corporate portal.

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Choose OrgChart Agile for your Company



OrgChart Agile, the web-based Organizational Chart Solution for your Company


Subchart management, drill-down into all levels of the organization, creation of different views, conditional formatting, hierarchical and functional reporting, customizable fields, KPIs and calculated fields, comments and annotations.


Customized chart creation using
drag & drop tools for better visualizations and simulations. Integrated and flexible formulas for the collection of various data from HR systems, customization of fields and finding the optimal structure for your organization.


A modern and comprehensive tool which works in your browser, with no hardware requirements, no technical expertise and no installation. Designed for non-technical users working independently.


Examine turnover rates for inefficiency and create job quality charts essential to perform in-depth workforce analysis.


HR tool that visualizes skills, monitors individual goals and identifies your Company's top performers with comprehensive and detailed org charts.


Chart representation, in terms of data, graphics, shapes, colors, with complete control over the graphics.


Import data directly from your current HR Information System, files and spreadsheets. Integrate in corporate systems using Cloud connectors.


Data management that fully respects the European and national regulations and applies the highest security standards in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Our Org Chart Experts’ team can help create and update customized organizational charts for any industry and organization.


Flexible cloud-based Org Chart Software to quickly create, access, and share organization charts.
A modern, comprehensive and user-friendly solution: with Orgchart Agile, making professional-quality organizational charts is easier than ever.


The Company’s organization chart is an essential tool for Human Resources and Management Control.
The Org Chart Software keeps the Company's structure and the tasks carried out by each employee under control.
It allows the immediate identification of decision-makers, responsibilities and potential collaborations and synergies.